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Mayu offers alignment-focused vinyasa and restorative yoga for individuals
(including athletes, prenatal, postnatal, and Parkinson's), and senior communities
in Washington D.C., Tokyo, and Shanghai.



Growing up between two very different cultures — first China and later Japan — I struggled for years to find my identity, sense of belonging and, most importantly, my center. Long fascinated by holistic approaches to wellness in Asia - Tai Chi, meditation, and chiropractic,  I was intuitively drawn to the ideas that a fully present mind and deep understanding of one’s self are the essence to well-being.  Self-reflection through regular sutra recitation at a Buddhist temple offered the means to more fully explore my genuine voice, and led me to realize there was a gap between the true me and the life I was living.  

A change was necessary if I was to find my purpose and fulfillment.  I let go of my job at an investment bank in Tokyo and relocated to Washington D.C., where I reconnected with yoga after a multi-year hiatus. Returning to my mat every day, I began to understand that yoga was essential to my self-discovery and life fulfillment. Six months later, I committed to deepening my practice by completing the 200 hour Power Yoga Teacher Training.

I felt an unmistakable spark of inspiration in the first class, when I placed my hand on my classmate, who was in her Child's Pose. That simple touch and the powerful connection it created with my yogi classmate, held a beautiful insight: this is where I belong. Through the medium of yoga, I can help others feel cared for, understood and content. In that instant, I committed fully to my yoga journey, seeking to help my students connect more deeply with themselves.

My Power Yoga-inspired classes are full-body workouts that incorporate dynamic movements with a focus on intentional breathing, strength building, and deep stretching. I am proud to be known for an authentic, non-judgmental teaching style and compassion-centered philosophy. My hands-on assists and adjustments can elevate your body, mind, and soul. 

Please join me in experiencing a sense of exquisite peace and harmony, which will stay with you even after you have stepped off the mat. I am now guiding  yoga sessions at Equinox, CorePower Yoga, Japan American Society of Washington D.C. and Edlavitch Jewish Community Center. 

I also offer yoga to individuals, corporates, residential, and senior communities at downtown Washington D.C. area. 


Washington D.C., US
Tokyo, Japan
Shanghai, China

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