Mayu specializes in one-on-one and semi-private yoga sessions to ensure safety and proper alignment for everybody. Her private clients include individuals with injuries, herniated spines, and pregnant women. Private sessions are uniquely tailored towards your needs. All props provided. Sessions are enhanced with a high-quality sound system and pure, plant-based essential oils

Private Sessions

One-on-one Private Instruction $120/hr

60 minutes of personalized sequence tailored to individual needs

(strength, flexibility and inner balance) and injuries

10-pack Private Instruction $1000 (save $200)

*Packages can be created to suit the individual needs of each clients. If you need to discuss further, please email

Semi-Private Sessions

2-5 people $65/hr per person

Suitable for couples, special occasions, friends and beginner yogis

*Additional fee may apply for travel  


Washington D.C., US
Tokyo, Japan
Shanghai, China

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