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I have been practicing yoga for 15 years. I moved to Washington, DC two years ago after 5 years following one teacher around New York City. I tried several yoga instructors at different gyms and yoga studios in DC. Then I found Mayu Yoga! This has become my go-to practice. Mayu's flow is different every day, yet it is always what I need. It is an aerobic and meditative practice. It is power vinyasa. She's a great leader. She observes me and gently makes meaningful and helpful adjustments. I particularly love when she helps me get deeper into pigeon or a twist. Classes always end with a gentle temple massage. I always feel better after class.

Catherine/ student from group session

I have been practicing yoga with Mayu for 9 months. I have two herniated discs, and I had a difficult time finding the right exercise and practice for my body. Private sessions provided by Mayu help me a lot! The sequences and poses are tailored to my body needs and status. I don't have to worry about hurting my back again. It also makes me feel safe to practice as Mayu instructs me to do it right, for example, she will let me know when to tuck my tailbone or strengthen my legs to protect myself and form the correct pose. Also, I enjoy yoga with Mayu because every session is a meditative experience. I feel completely relaxed and peaceful after each class.  She has a great personality, and I will continue working with her on my body and mind in the future.

Suzie/ student from private session

Mayu is a lovely instructor and gives great hands-on assist, verbal cues, and quick demos of poses.

Student from a group session

Every class goes by quicker and quicker, because Mayu is so so great as an instructor. I went from wanting to absolutely die during my first class to being surprised how fast it’s over now on my almost tenth class. I feel stronger and more calm after each class and highly recommend for beginning and beginning-intermediate people!

Student from a group session

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