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Did you know a vinyasa style yoga class includes up to 20 chaturangas?
If you take 3 classes a week, that’s 60 yoga “push ups”!

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Not sure if you are benefiting from the Yoga “push up” that you hear over and over in class? You are not alone! The famous Yoga “push up”, aka Chaturanga, is a major component of yoga class, yet we tend to pass through it without acknowledging it as a pose or knowing the alternatives. This workshop is full of Chaturang-aHA! moments. Whether you are newer to yoga or regular practitioner, knowing your Chaturanga alternatives can help you build upper body strength, core strength and confidence — all indispensable to inversions and arm balances.

Most importantly, proper alignment helps prevent injury! 

This workshop focuses on the four poses (High Plank, Low Plank, Upward Facing Dog, Downward Facing Dog) of chaturanga dandasana, emphasizing proper alignment and alternatives to help you find a safe and sustainable transition. The workshop begins with a warm up, demos, and strength drills with walls and yoga props to build muscle memory, then moves through chaturanga dandasana with breath to integrate and solidify the information covered in the workshop.


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